Essence of Nature



In Raintree Beach Resort, we wanted to offer our customer a more unique experience than any other places. We try our very best to ensure that our customers are able to have a perfect getaway and indulge in the very primitive nature along with comprehensive facilities. Our resort lies on the west-coast of the Borneo island with a vast land of mangroves in our lagoon. The one-of-a-kind geometry location allows our customer to not only able to enjoy the view of Sunset, but also the Sunrise.

A Hidden Gem of Borneo

Located at the North-West of the Borneo Island lies a beautiful cove secluded with a vast nature of mangroves with it’s natural inhabitants. This unique location of the cove allows visitors to enjoy the magnificent view of Sunrise & Sunset on the same position. We are blessed with all these wonders of nature and therefore, we offer only 48 rooms which consists both Chalets and Villas. A right amount to offer enough accommodations to our guests and at the same time preserve the ecology. At Raintree Beach Resort, we would like to offer this hidden gem and also a wonderful leisure experience.

Preserved Nature

A preserved nature environment. A definite must for nature-goers.

Wayne Liew -

Unseen Side of Borneo

Had an enjoyable family vacation to Sabah and was amazed by the wonders of natures. Here is part of the unseen side, where we experience far beyond the conventional.

Gregory Pinsky - Ohio, United States of America



Li Hsiang-Wei - Chiayi City, Taiwan